East Anglian Art Fund - ‘Inheritance’ Norwich Castle Open Art Show

Inheritance, Open Show

We are looking forward to the opening of Inheritance, the Open Art Show, organised by East Anglia Art Fund and hosted by Norwich Castle. It is a fantastically varied show of works made by artists across the region, showcasing their ideas around the theme of 'inheritance'. The show runs between 3 March 2018 - 20 May 2018, but what is the connection to Special Design Studio?

‚ÄčOur involvement in this project has been in facilitating a full online submission process for artists submitting work to the open show. East Anglia Art Fund run the submissions process and they have never invited online submissions only and so were understandably nervous! In the past the show had created almost a full time job managing the submissions and they new this time around that was not realistic. So we listened to their concerns and designed a system that would cater for all the potential problems that had previously faced them. These ranged from artists uploaded massively big files, to people answering the door mid-submission and timing-out! We know our system would work brilliantly so we backed up this claim by offering unlimited support for artists submitting work.

The fantastic upshot of the project was that they had the largest submission number ever! (Also it did not create extra admin for them and only a manageable level of queries for us.) So on Friday night we will be delighted to attend the opening knowing that we contributed to a great show!

Thank you all for making possible this outstanding result! Amanda Geitner, Director EAAF

Nania Tait