Hockney at the Tate

A weekend in London

My degree in Art History does definitely not qualify me to write a review of the Hockney retrospective at the Tate, so I won't. However....

and in non-technical terms it is glorious! It is a special opportunity to see so much of his work together and see his journey through representation. The thing that stuck with me is his attitude to drawing, contrary to the fashion of not teaching drawing in art schools, he maintains that it is not ‘backwards to drawing but forwards to drawing’. Drawing is all about looking and that is the essence of being able to represent something well. So more looking and more drawing all round! More information here.

Get out and see something new, and really LOOK at it!

Nania Tait
  • Author: Nania Tait
  • Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK
  • Date: 22 Mar 2017
  • Category: Misc.