Mind the Gap!

Leiths advert on the London Underground

It was thrilling to see our advertising campaign for Leiths go live this week on the London Underground as well as appear in the weekend broadsheets. The response has been fantastic and the open evening is already over 75% full!

Leiths School of Food and Wine asked us to create an advertising campaign to promote its world renowned Diploma course. ‚ÄčThe course is a life-changer - graduates emerge as highly skilled and very employable chefs. To create a campaign which had appeal to both school leavers and ‘career changers’ we focused on what they could do with their lives after the course rather than simply an appeal to people who like cooking.

The three messages were:

1. Get a more interesting career - ‘A career with added spice’
2. Earn a good living - ‘Bring home the pancetta’
3. See where your job can take you - ‘The world’s your oyster’

We also proposed that they approach recruitment in the same way as any other education institute by hosting an open evening, providing the ‘call to action’ for the campaign. The ads went live on Monday and today the open evening is already over 75% booked!

This marks a huge departure for Leiths and we are thrilled that the response has already exceeded our expectations!" Eliza Welsford, Marketing Manager

Nania Tait