Marketing communications

We are specialists at establishing, developing and supporting brands. Marketing is a catch-all term for a lot of different skills. We are essentially visual communicators who work to find a unique and effective way to represent our clients, often in crowded market places. We offer a high level of creative and strategic thinking so that your marketing communications are authentic, compelling, distinctive and excellent.
We have particular expertise in brand identity and logo design, print design and website design and build.

Collaborative design

Over the years we have developed several processes specific to the work being produced. But the overarching process we go through with any new project begins by clearly understanding what is being asked of us. It sounds simple. But simple can be hard to stick to. Design is a collaborative process and we encourage our clients’ input throughout. We always undertake relevant research so that we have facts and insight. Then follows a phase of thinking, defining a strategy and visualising – that moves into a feedback and client discussion phase – which becomes the final work.

Authentic. Compelling. Distinctive. Excellent

In essence we add value by helping you communicate with your audience more effectively. We pride ourselves on providing strong ideas and concepts, techincal know-how, attention to detail, typographic excellence, imaginative illustration, thoughtful content and confident delivery no matter what the medium, surface or size.

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Brand identity/logo design

We always search for ways of incorporating meaning into the logos we design. The best logos are those that have a visual device that is relevant to the activity of the business that lingers in the viewers consciousness.
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Print design

We approach print projects as the chance to make something special that will stay on the shelf.
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Website design and build

Web design and build is a methodical process, designed with a goal in mind, whether that’s building a brand, generating leads, selling products, raising funds, filling in a referral form or simply educating and informing people.
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The trustees are happy that we will once again be using the expertise of a graphic design team whose past work has had such a positive effect on this organisation and the way it is perceived in Norwich and beyond.

David Cook
Communications and Media Manager
Voluntary Norfolk




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