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This is our portfolio of logo designs. Different types of businesses and organisations require specific attention to help them express what they do. We are always striving for designs that contain meaning and that become memorable. Regarding the practicalities of application we always create a clear design that will work at all potential sizes. We also make sure it would work in a single colour or reversed out of another colour.

We act as a visual guide for our clients – helping them define a strong brand identity. Clients come to us to help create a logo for them and from that a visual identity that makes them unique and standout from the crowd. Over the years we have developed a process that we go through in order to evaluate what we should be aiming to achieve, this obviously starts with a brief and listening to the client to hear about their idea. Once they have explained the idea we go away and look at all relevant visuals within the sector – we call it the brand landscape. So, for example, if you were starting a business selling spoons we would look at all the other companies and organisations in that field to determine if there was an overall aesthetic that everyone subscribes to. Then we present designs that sit within that vernacular and also that break with it so that you can stand out.

I am really delighted with our new college logo. Special Design Studio created just what we wanted, a logo that's intelligent, modern and distinctive.

Yolanda Botham
Lowestoft Sixth Form College
Scott Poulson
  • Author: Scott Poulson
  • Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK
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