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The client

The East Anglia Art Fund (EAAF) is dedicated to enriching cultural life in East Anglia by supporting the best in exhibitions and art education.

​​The East Anglia Art Fund under the new directorship of Amanda Geitner were looking to refresh their brand. The organisation was founded 20 years ago and in 2016 celebrated their 20th anniversary. It was the perfect opportunity to look at the brand and the website, to celebrate their membership and to reach out through hitherto unexplored social channels. We worked closely with their trustees and members to ensure everyone was on board with the project and they were delighted with the results!

We have enjoyed working with Special Design Studio enormously. We are thrilled with our new logo and print and excited by our new website. We have brought trustees and members along with us and they have shared our enthusiasm for all this activity. The East Anglia Art Fund is now social and they have supported our first forays in to a range of platforms. Our thanks to Special Design Studio for helping us to achieve our ambitions!

Amanda Geitner, Director
Nania Tait