The Cake & Bake Show

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Logo design for The Cake & Bake Show Cake & Bake Show London 2013 logo design Cake & Bake Show Manchester 2013 logo design

The client

The Cake & Bake Show has been a phenomenal success, attracting thousands of cake-baking enthusiasts to London and, new for 2013, Manchester. Catching the appetite for baking which seems to be eating the nation, it won Event of the Year at the British Media Awards.

The project

We created the initial visual identity for The Cake & Bake Show, and have seen it featured in banners, show brochures and even Daily Telegraph branded bags. Clive and Kate even built the website and continue to work on it.

An important function of the logo is the ability for it to accommodate extra information like the locations of the event and the year, and for it to work in both portrait and landscape formats (as shown above).

Nania Tait
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