The client

WREN distributes funding received through the landfill waste tax from an organisation called FCC Environment. Last year they funded community, biodiversity and heritage projects in the UK to the tune of £14 million.

The project

Ongoing project work to promote WREN’s work and achievements.

The challenge

We have worked with WREN for several years now. The first project we started on was their 2010 Annual Review. They have a lot of data – what has been spent where and on what project. We have been constantly working to present this data in an interesting and compelling way. We have undertaken many other print design projects for them including a multi language English/Welsh document to showcase projects in Wales. WREN are open to innovation and are a joy to work with. They invest in photography which helps us enormously. We have helped WREN through a rebranding programme whereby we designed a new visual identity and applied it to all manner of communications and material. Click here to see a video of the process. This has lead on to another sister brand being developed for FCC Building Communities – a fund to improve the community life of towns.

The results

Our work with WREN goes from strength to strength as we have a deep understanding of what they do and what they want to achieve in the future. The contribution they make to the communities of Britain is worth telling. We strive to do that as well as possible.

It is a joy working with you and we have never been so complimented on our publications as we have this year.

Lisa Green
Operations Manager
Scott Poulson