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The client

Norfolk Brides is an online wedding guide to getting married in Norfolk.

​The project

We created a new brand for Norfolk Brides to reflect the sophisticated and modern nature of their audience.

Following the brand we moved onto the website and the results are a good example of getting a balance of fantastic visuals and great functionality at the mobile level.

The ‘mobile first’ debate is ongoing… is it best to design for mobile and then scale up, or start with the desktop and scale down? We think there is still no definitive answer and so our approach looks at who is going to use the site. Our research showed that sites focused on consumers typically receive a smaller proportion of desktop users. We think that any site receiving less than 60% desktop visitors now, should be designed mobile-first, particularly if search traffic is important as mobile perfomance is now a signficant ranking factor. Of course this has to be balanced with making a superb visual impact on bigger devices.

The Norfolk Brides site is one of the best looking, responsive, custom sites I've seen.

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Nania Tait
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