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Web design for ICNM, London Web design for ICNM, London

The client

ICNM are a charity dedicated to informing the public about complementary and natural medicine and administering the BRCP, a multi-disciplinary register of practitioners.

The project

The Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine approached us initially about a new website to help them manage their subscriptions and applications for membership. Their existing site featured some awkward geo-location search which the public could use to find nearby practitioners, and that also needed improving.

The challenge

This was one of our most challenging web projects to date. With most of the ICNM staff part-time, communication was initially hard and the occasional input of other stakeholders added the odd surprise. We found there was no real fix for this other than to be very patient, go the extra mile and be as direct as possible, even if it meant we had to repeat questions and instructions sometimes.

The application for membership process was lengthy, requiring the completion of forms containing a lot of information. There were also several of these forms. Ideally, we’d have built something from scratch to handle this, but the budget didn’t stretch that far. Instead we uses an off-the-shelf CMS, and we chose ExpressionEngine; which proved a great choice, thanks to the system’s flexibility and awesome addon community.

Another challenge was Paypal, and the way it deals with subscription payments. It’s never been the greatest payment gateway to work with, but there wasn’t room in the budget for anything else, so we just had to get innovative!

The result

This being a tough project, we learned a lot, but the end result is one the ICNM staff are delighted with. Integrating the application process into the website has made things easier for them, while the improved geolocation search means the general public find it a lot easier to find nearby practitioners. The website’s design offers a much better user experience and responds to different devices and screen sizes – together with the other improvements, this has brought the ICNM website right up-to-date.

Special Design Studio was the ideal partner to have in the complex business of re-launching and re-designing our website. They knew exactly what we needed, and didn’t try to give us more. They were always patient and professional and always made us feel like we were their most important client. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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