Suffolk Punch Trust

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Graphic design for the Suffolk Punch Trust logo Graphic design for the Suffolk Punch Trust logo Web design for the Suffolk Punch Trust

The client

The Suffolk Punch Trust is dedicated to preserving the Suffolk Punch breed but also the skills of the people needed to handle these wonderful horses.

The project

The Suffolk Punch Trust needed to increase visitor numbers to their centre and to increase donations so that they could generate more revenue in order to maintain their aims of protecting the endangered breed. We needed to raise the standards of their visual communications to better represent their professionalism and the scope of their organisation and design and build a new website.

The challenge

The starting point was to develop some consistency in their visual branding – a new logo. The Suffolk Punch is a distinctive heavy horse and the trust has a wealth of visual paraphernalia in their museum. We explored various ways of representing the horse in a logo but the final design took inspiration from a bronze sculpture by artist John Bickley. In profile the horses head and neck are moving forwards in a pulling movement, as if with plough. We added flights, worn when in show, that are also distinctive to the breed. Once we had finalised the logo we moved on to planning and designing their website. The site needed to be found through search to compete with all the other visitor attractions in the area. Once people arrived at the site it needed to provide compelling, clear and concise information about the trust – what they do, how to get there, when they are open etc. The ability to make donations online was also a key part of the design.

The result

The Suffolk Punch Trust now have a visual identity that has improved the perception of their organisation. It is iconic and bold, like their incredible horses. The content management system (CMS) that we used on the website has allowed the staff at the centre to keep it up to date with information about the trust and the individual horses. Visitor numbers have increased. Donations have increased.

Special Design Studio was recommended to us by a supporter of The Suffolk Punch Trust. From the word go, the whole team was a pleasure to work with, understanding our requirements and objectives in rebranding the trust and creating a new website. The team’s combination of creative and technical expertise made our job reassuringly straightforward and stress-free. Special Design Studio made a difference to us with increased visitor numbers and interest in the work of the Trust since the website launched.

Kathryn Cooper
Operations Director
Suffolk Punch Trust
Scott Poulson