Print design

In the 15th Century Guttenburg’s printing press revolutionised the world as mass communications became possible. We take great satisfaction in the print projects we produce. We know print is challenged by todays digital platforms and so we realise that print has to justify its cost and whether it is fit for purpose. We approach print projects as the chance to make something engaging that will stay on the shelf rather than discarded and thrown in the bin.


We have expertise designing annual reports and reviews, promotional brochures for products, services and destinations, college prospectuses, books for publishers, project reviews, corporate communications, event and conference materials, mailers and stationery.

Print management

We frequently print manage the whole process. We have great working relationships with several traditional lithographic printers who specialise in medium to high quanitity print runs and digital printers who achieve great results and are more affordable for shorter print runs. We know a lot about paper stock and pantone spot colours, varnishes, folds, binding, embossing, foiling. And what we don’t know…we can always ask the printer. We are used to commissioning freelancers and have a several trusted photographers, illustrators and copywriters whose expertise we can call upon.

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Brand identity/logo design

We always search for ways of incorporating meaning into the logos we design. The best logos are those that have a visual device that is relevant to the activity of the business that lingers in the viewers consciousness.
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Website design and build

Web design and build is a methodical process, designed with a goal in mind, whether that’s building a brand, generating leads, selling products, raising funds, filling in a referral form or simply educating and informing people.
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The mailer that Special Design Studio designed for the AshTag kit is quite ingenious. It manages to contain everything in one neat package along with a great illustrated diagram on how to use the kit. We are very pleased as it enabled to keep our costs low and created little or no waste.

Chris Blincoe
Programme Manager
Adapt Commercial Ltd.





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