Website design and build

Web design and build is a methodical process, designed with a goal in mind, whether that’s building a brand, generating leads, selling products, raising funds, filling in a referral form or simply educating and informing people.

We start with the problem and work with our clients to formulate a strategy. The strategy leads everything: content, design, development, marketing and so on, making sure nothing is wasted and everything has a purpose.

Evolving. Responsive. Better value

The web is constantly evolving, so we evolve too. We’re always learning, improving and innovating. Our code is beautifully written, by hand, so it works responsively across the myriad devices people use to access the internet, and because it makes improvements down the line easier and less time-consuming: better value for our clients.

We strive for the highest design standards and we love working with people, so the software we use reflects that. We use content-management systems (CMS) known for their flexibility and freedom, and their ease-of-use. We train patiently, always there supporting our clients when they need us, never more than a phone call away.

Managed hosting. SEO. Google

We offer Managed Hosting so that we can better look after our sites. Plus we can monitor search engine rankings and can tailor a programme to make incremental changes to a site in order to try and raise its placing in Google for search.

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Brand identity/logo design

We always search for ways of incorporating meaning into the logos we design. The best logos are those that have a visual device that is relevant to the activity of the business that lingers in the viewers consciousness. Read more

Print design

We approach print projects as the chance to make something special that will stay on the shelf.
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We have enjoyed working with Special Design Studio enormously. We are thrilled and excited by our new website. We have brought trustees and members along with us and they have shared our enthusiasm for all this activity. The East Anglia Art Fund is now social and they have supported our first forays in to a range of platforms. Our thanks to Special Design Studio for helping us to achieve our ambitions!

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