Crown Point Estate

Category: Brand

Crown Point Estate comprises a patchwork of nearly eight square miles of farmland on the edge of Norwich beyond Trowse; owned and run by the Colman family since 1872, the estate is also home to Whitlingham Country Park, one of the area’s best-loved nature and leisure spots. Using insights gleaned from a detailed discussion with the client, Scott and Ally were able to create a visual identity and brand statement that accurately represented the particular character of the business: a contemporary outfit in a rural landscape, yet bordering a busy city, and with a family history it is proud of yet not entirely defined by.

"Special Design Studio were given the task of creating a new logo for Crown Point Estate. They undertook forensic desktop and on the ground research to create a 21st century solution for a business that encompasses two hundred years of industrial legacy with the contemporary realities of running a diversified family farming business on the edge of Norwich. We are thrilled with the results and cannot recommend their services more highly."