Le Petit Tour

Category: Brand

Logo design for Le Petit Tour – a photography series documenting an alternative cycling world. The aim is to create a sense of escapism in the viewer, that allows them to imagine for a small moment that a lone rider or peloton could actually tear down the streets we walk everyday without us noticing.

"We looked at 1970’s Italian coffee logo’s, old Renault fonts and brand designs together. I knew then we would get something unique for Le Petit Tour. The series is fun and is inspired by the holidays I took as a child with my family to France. I wanted something that reminded me of those 80’s brands synonymous with the France of my childhood – Peugeot, Renault, Systeme U, Champion, Miko ice cream. The logo is superb and fits perfectly with the images. It’s classic and alludes to cycling's heritage. Chapeau Special!"