Risk & Policy Analysts

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We created a logo for RPA. A great deal of their work involves Earth sciences, so a globe was sited as an obvious component of the logo. However, they told us that a lot of the research involved minerals, mining, water and other resources that were beneath the surface of the Earth. So we focused on the idea of stripping back the layers so you could see inside. Like peeling an orange. We researched and came across ‘gores’. A gore is a sector of a curved surface or the curved surface that lies between two close lines of longitude on a globe and may be flattened to a plane surface with little distortion. We adapted this idea to create the symbol for RPA.

"I can emphatically say I would have no hesitation in recommending Special Design Studio. We set a challenging brief, but the results proved that they listened, understood and interpreted it intelligently and with a unique creativity which sets our logo apart from our competitors."